Digital Reuse Inc. contributes to the development and enrichment of a circular economy through the sales for reuse of various types of information equipment, as well as through the support of their recycling operations.

Business Policy

  • Fulfill commitments to customers
  • Ensure transparency and accountability in business with customers and all other operations
  • Comply with relevant laws and regulations
  • Promote personal growth of employees
  • Improve quality of activity as an organization to invent new value in products and services


Digital Reuse Inc. specializes in the sales of various types of used information equipment, such as personal computers, and contributes to their recycling, playing an active role in this age of the Internet and rapid progress in information technology. Some used information equipment may carry various data from previous use, or be faulty or damaged in whole or part. So that our customers may feel secure in using such units, we maintain comprehensive functions for inspection, data erasure, and reconditioning of the equipment into marketable products. Furthermore, in order to ensure transparency in transactions with our customers and in all business operations, we thoroughly train our employees to respect the laws and regulations relevant to our business, including the Personal Information Protection Law and the Copyright Act. Our Company cultivates a corporate climate that supports personal growth of each employee, in addition to improving the technical capability and teamwork of the organization as a whole. By maturing the management system of the collective, including our business partners and other relevant parties, we aim to invent distinct value in the products and services which we offer to our customers. Representative Director Yukio Horikoshi